Flomotion is a lifestyle clothing company based out of Jacksonville, Florida with three major playgrounds - fishing, surfing, and golfing. My role as social media manager included creating stories, filming and editing reels, interacting with our audience, scheduling and writing captions for posts, reaching out to influencers/local photographers, taking part in photoshoots, and tracking analytics. 
Some of our top-performing reels posted to Instagram and TikTok

Being Jacksonville based we teamed up with the Jacksonville Jaguars mascot 'Jackson De Ville'. He wore our volley shorts at a few of the games last year and did his classic bellyflops in the stadium pool that has become a tradition after every home game won.

Our 'Stocked & Stoked' videos consisted of traveling to nearby sellers and showcasing where to purchase Flomotion clothing and performed well for us.

Showing local pride for the Jacksonville Jaguars has been a staple for Flomotion. This video was an announcement for our second release of the 'Jacksonville Tee.' 

As a brand, Flomotion always tries to give back to the community. We teamed up with a well-known local sub-shop to create a Flomotion sub. For every sub sold $1 was donated to local charities ranging from childhood cancer research to helping the homeless community in nearing areas. 

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