This interactive campaign was created to showcase the variety of clothing Patagonia sells in its stores. My partner and I started with a question - 'how do you know what coat will be right for you?'. From that, we came up with the 'Coat Check' an interactive weather simulation room installment in select stores. Using open weather data and LCD screens, consumers will experience a change in temperature, wind, precipitation, and humidity that mimics current weather conditions in a chosen location.
For this to work coats would be made with a NFC tag to track general locations of where coats are being worn.
Collaboration // Yugendu Vyas
After stepping into the experience the customer chooses a location and the coat they have picked to test. The screen displays this information along with the current conditions of the location and where the coat is being worn in real-time. After pressing start the room with begin to mimic the wind, temperature, precipitation, and humidity.
NFC tags placed in articles of clothing will allow the Coat Check to show where the coat being tested is being worn in real-time.

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