For many young women, talking about periods can be awkward and uncomfortable.
By utilizing social media, we hope to make this topic more empowering rather than embarrassing. A redesign to the packaging makes it both more approachable and easy to know what fits your needs.
Our campaign was chosen as the winner of the CLC Design Challenge in collaboration with Procter & Gamble Always.
Collaboration // Faten Almukhtar, Alex Gunderson, Joanna Albert, Michelle Compton, and Blakeley Knox.
Our packaging rebranding incorporated animals to show flow protection, ranging from a lion (heavy flow) to mouse (light flow.) Making it easy to grab and go rather than question if it is enough protection for you.
We then expanded our campaign to include sanitary pad dispensers that would be placed to reach our younger demographic (i.e. high schools, malls, colleges.) By tweeting or texting  the sanitary napkin machine with the corresponding emoji to your flow, a free Always pad will be dispensed.

By texting or tweeting the sanitary napkin machine with the corresponding emoji 

to your flow, a free pad will be dispensed. 

Using Snapchat, we composed a discovery page with tip, jokes, and information; along with filters of all three emojis.

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